Domestic and import services

Text Box:  Oil Change
Up to 4 quarts of oil 
+ $3 disposal fee

6517 El Cajon Blvd #A, San Diego, CA 92115

Text Box:  Brake 
$59.95 parts + labor
Front brakes, top brake fluid, inspect brake system.
 Most  cars
Text Box:  Axle Shaft
parts + labor
Text Box: Tune up
Replace new plugs, check engine idle, fluid, filters, belts, platinum plugs extra
Text Box:  Timing Belt 
$99.95 plus parts 
Remove and install timing belt, check leaks and water pump
Most  4 cyl. cars
Text Box:  Radiator Flush
Most  cars
Text Box:  Clutch Set
plus parts 
Rear wheel drive for most  cars.  Front wheel drive extra
Text Box:  Fuel Injection 
3 step Extra 
Text Box:  Head Gasket
plus parts  
Text Box: Shocks & Struts
plus parts  
Text Box: A/C Special
$19.95 plus Freon
Most  cars
Text Box: Drive Belt
parts + labor
Most cars

Please print this coupon page & bring it to us for discounts or by saying “”

Coupons expire 06/01/2012



Text Box: 30K/60K/90K Mile Service
$139.95 Most Cars 
6 & 8 cyl. Cars higher
Oil/Filter Change
Drain & Refill Transmission Fluid
Flush Transmission
Check Timing Belt
Drain & Refill Radiator Fluid
Rotate Tires
Lube Chassis
Replace Air Filter
Replace Spark Plugs
Inspect Belts and Hoses
Inspect Running Light
Inspect Charging System
Text Box: Alternators or Starters
$149.95 parts + labor
Check charging system
Most 4 cyl. cars
Text Box:  Catalytic Converter or Muffler
$115.95 parts + labor
Text Box: Valve Cover Gasket
parts + labor
Text Box: Trans. Gasket & Filter
parts + labor
Text Box: Rack & Pinion Boot
parts + labor
Text Box: New Radiator Special
$149.95 parts + labor
Check Cooling system
Most 4 cyl. cars